Privacy Policy

ANL Meixin Logistics (hereinafter referred to as the website) establishes the privacy policy as follows.The privacy statement of this website is constantly improving, and we will update our privacy statement at any time with the expansion of our service order to ensure that you can safely use the services of the website,the website will strictly abide by the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.


1.Definition of personal information

"Personal Information" described in this Privacy Policy refers to the information among the member number,name,gender,email address,telephone number,address,id card number and other information kept by the Website,which can identify a specific individual through one or a combination of the information.


This website uses personal information for the following purposes.1Membership management;

(2) Sell or provide goods,rights,digital content and logistics services of the Website or third parties(collectively referred to as the "Goods");

(3) marketing activities and prize planning,questionnaire survey;

(4).Simplify the registration procedures when using the services provided by this website and its sub-websites;

5) Inform the necessary matters in the operation of the website service,such as picking up goods,customs clearance,transshipment and delivery,etc.(including sending emails and SMS messages);

6,Advertising,promotion and promotion of products on the website and third parties(including sending emails and mobile phone messages);

7)Provide points,coupons and other services (hereinafter referred to as "points");8)Handle all kinds of inquiries and after-sales service;

9.Conducted market data survey and analysis and developed new service proiects

3.Provide personal information

This website protects personal information. Except under the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws,it is not allowed to disclose or provide identifiable personal information to any third party without consent.

4.Safety protection

In order to protect the personal information provided to the website,the website shall strictly manage the personal information according to the management standards stipulated by the website,and adopt various strategies such as setting firewalls and anti-virus software to prevent the loss,destruction,tampering and disclosure of personal information caused by virus infection

5. External links

This site contains links to other sites.ANL accepts no responsibility for the privacy

protection measures of those websites.We may add business partners or co-branded sites whenever needed

6.Disclosure,modification and deletion of personal information

This website will handle personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations.

7.Updates on privacy protection policies

In order to adapt to changes in laws and regulations or as necessary,this website will modify the privacy policy to protect personal information, after the change, we will publish the latest privacy policy.

8.Contact us

lf you have any comments or suggestions on this privacy policy or the privacy

protection measures of ANL Meixin logistics flow and your problems in use,please contact us.Please email: or contact the website's online inquiry.

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