U-SHIPMENT is an independent third-party international logistics technology company.

U-SHIPMENT is committed to empowering domestic small and medium-sized logistics carriers, integrating transportation capacity, coordinating resources, connecting data, and then serving international logistics shippers, realizing the whole process of international logistics visualization, service standardization, performance data, and assisting shippers in making intelligent decisionsU-SHIPMENT provides ocean freight+express and ocean freight+truck system and technical support for AMERICAN NEW LOGISTICS, registered, orders placed from the client-end, realizing real-time tracking of cargo status. AMERICAN NEW LOGISTICS is the actual carrier and responsible for performance.

System Advantage
  • Product pre-entry

    Pre-entry of high-frequency shipping products for a smoother order placement process

  • Full logistics tracking

    Full dynamic tracking of the status of the goods, one-click inquiry of the last mile express

  • Order tax estimate

    Estimated taxes and fees can be viewed in total and in detail as soon as the order is generated

  • Claims are completed in five steps

    Cross-border logistics loss of goods fast payout, to solve the seller's concerns

Service Process

Method One:Cell number registration login

Method TwoWeChat code login


1. Where do I change my password? Click the navigation [User Center], select [Change Password], click the Save button and finish the change.

2. Why can't I change my company name? The company needs to do the relevant information authentication, currently by the manual offline processing, please contact with customer service.

1. Complete company registration

After registration our customer service will contact you within 24 hours!

You can also call our customer service hotline: 02131261353*8819

2. Add Products

If you add frequently shipped products to your product inventory in advance, the order placement process will be smoother. Of course, we also support entering your products when creating an order and saving them to your product inventory.

3. Inquiry

On the home page of U-shipment, find the "Shipping Order" button, click on it and select the nearest warehouse for delivery.

4. Select Service Model

Please make sure you select the correct service model.

If you are not sure which service model to choose, please check with your sales representative before placing your order.

5. Complete information

Follow the prompts to complete in order: product information, order information, destination information and other service selections.

6. Order Tips

In the last step of the order, customers need to confirm whether it contains a rejected name or not. If you are unsure, please download the inbound notification from the "Order Details - Service and Download" page later.

7. Order Completion

Congratulations! Order placed successfully

Tracking dynamics can be viewed in the order information in the order center. We also support one-click tracking dynamics of express delivery if the goods are delivered by express delivery on the last journey.

Check the data filled in the order with the actual data into the warehouse, and confirm the data into the warehouse after the audit is correct.

01 U.S. Recent Rate Search

You can check the latest US shipping rates on the right side of the U-shipment homepage.

02 Warehouse Services

You can apply online for additional services such as warehouse exchange cartons and reinforcement.

03 View estimated taxes

Click [Order Center] > [Shipping Order] > [Order Details] in order. The total and details of estimated taxes for all products of the order can be viewed in the cargo information.

04 Manage Invoicing Information

You can make your invoicing template in [Clearing House] > [Invoicing Information] and select it when you confirm your expenses

05 Fee Confirmation

When you have orders that have not yet been confirmed, there will be a reminder in the "Pending" section of the home page. You can also filter the orders that need to be confirmed by the "Charges to be confirmed" button in the order list.

06 Payment on Demand

In [Order Center] > [Shipping Order], click the [Payment] button behind the order to proceed.

07 Apply for a claim

Find the order that needs to be claimed in the order list and click the [Claims] button to enter the claim.

Online Message